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Some reason I feel like garbage, worthless, and not worth a second chance. 
Next week will be my toughest challenge, I'll be off the grid! No phones or computers, for a full week. It's nice to take a few days away from the computer. Hope I'll survive.

Hands Off!

Kim was busy working in the kitchen. She had just finished working off a long list of chores, courtesy of Murdoc, but she didn’t let this get to her. While trying to finished dinner for the band, she was also making something extra, a special treat for everyone (well almost everyone) that’s been nice to her since she started working for Gorillaz, a cake. Unknown to Kim, coming from the hallway was a sound of moaning. A creature groaning as he made his way towards the kitchen. Staggering his barefeet on the ground, inching further ahead. His long tongue was hanging out. A thirst in his mistmatch bloodshot eyes. A long claw hand stretched out. Finally he reached the kitchen. He let out a loud cried, “BEER!”

Kim turned her and frown at who she saw.

“Rum!” He cried again.

“Try looking in the fridge,” Kim told him turning her back.

This creature that Kim choose to ignored, was her pushy boss, Murdoc Niccals. He didn’t walked to fridge he staggered towards it like the zombies that used to pass through the graves. Kim has a guessed why so few zombies were seen here at Kong.

“How many times do I have to tell, not to yell like that? Honestly this studio’s a natural graveyard and I’ve seen three zombies come out of their graves with luggage in their hands and hailed a cab everytime you bellowed out,” Kim told while stirring the cake batter.

Murdoc grabbed a bottle from the fridge and walked towards her.

“Didn’t I tell you to shut your big mouth?” He hissed at her. “You better remember who it was that hired you.” He reminded her.

“Yeah, okay I’m sorry. I’m just stressed since I’ve been working my fingers to the bone doing a long list of chores you so kindly left for me,” Kim spoke in a mocking tone.

Murdoc was looking over her shoulder. Everytime Kim tried to do her chores Murdoc often shows his head and watch her working. Often at times put his hands on her.

“Can’t you see I’m working?” Kim pushed her back against him.

Murdoc twisted left and right around her. Then he stuck his finger in the cake batter bowl when she wasn’t looking. He laughed licking the batter off his finger. Kim was getting annoyed.

“Hey! Kept your fingers off this bowl. I’m baking a cake. Something nice I’m doing for everyone that’s been nice to me since I’ve started working here,” Kim told him.

“And I haven’t?! I was extra nice. Gave you a job with pay! I’m been very attentive with you,” Murdoc placed one arm around her while his other hand stuck his finger again the cake batter.

“Stop it, please,” Kim asked again trying not to lose her temper.  

“What are you going to do about it?” Murdoc chuckled.

Again he stuck his finger in the bowl, but just before he put it in his mouth, Kim grabbed it and stuck in her mouth. Murdoc’s eyes widen seeing Kim licking the cake batter off his finger, slowly and carefully not to miss every bit. When she was done, she pulled away from him, licked her lips, and smiled.

“So, what you have to say to me now,” Kim asked him.

Murdoc, still surprised at what she did to his finger, stared at her. Then at the cake batter bowl she placed on the table. He put his entire hand into the bowl. Cake batter covered his entire hand. He held it up to Kim and stared serious at her.

“Do it again.” Murdoc spoke to her.


A small fun dirty fanfiction. Light stuff that's all. So Enjoy! 

I don't own Gorillaz. 
Okay, I know I'm way late on this, but I'm going to say it. Crossovers are the worst. 


Ben 10/Generator Rex/ Secret Saturday

The worst by far >>> The Simpsons/Family Guy & KND/Billy and Mandy

Seriously you got two shows and two heroes, you can't make them work out no matter how hard you try. 

Can't either show not try to connect to the same universe? Can't one show be from another world? I can't do crossovers in television. In fanfiction that's the only place where anyone and I mean anyone can make a better crossover than the people who produce these shows. 
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