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I'm going crazy over French animation cartoons, LOVE IT!!!
Just today I've read an amazing piece of news of a group of brave people or maybe someone who had the courage to tell the people of New York City the most important message the world needs to be reminded. Animals are going extinct. It really puts my mind into thought thinking that just a few days ago when my family and I were in Lima, Peru visited a zoo. Personally the zoo was sad looking, but it was special to me because it was something I needed to do for a very long time. You're probably questioning why I'm talking about my field trip to simple zoo when I was talking about extinction, it's simple I wanted to see the animals, before it was too late. I know I, among hundreds of kids went to the "zoo", but I have few memories of seeing the "zoo". I went to the see "a zoo" to see the animals, not to be entertained, but to observe as much as I can so that in the near future I could tell my own children *hopefully soon* that I've seen the many animals that were on the extinction list.

My family enjoyed our field trip, it special when a lion looked at my grandma, not from hunger hopefully, but he did look starve and lonely, I only wish I could talk to some workers and speak Spanish to tell them to add a lioness into the lion's habitat. I mean a lion, it's still being hunted for sport, I get pissed off everytime I hear some "doctor", a "model", or the one I'm not trying to lose my focus, an elder woman's wishlist to shoot a lion. Sadly during my field trip I often heard my mother complain how some of the animals weren't doing anything, but she agreed that the zoo we visited was sad looking. My response to her was, 'If you want to see animals to do some fancy tricks, go to a circus.' 

Now I must say the positive points, I've seen a lion, a tiger *both types (two white tigers, twice special seeing them with my family)*, colorful birds native to South America, monkeys all types swinging, zebras, giraffes, emus, an ostrich that came close to the gate, penguins *lite brown (yes they can be brown and white)*, we even came close to a beautiful peacock *although he look to be enjoying the attention too much since he was inches away from me and my family*, and lots of turtles and koi fishes *my dad couldn't believe it when I told him how long koi can live (over a hundred years)*. My personal favorite, besides the tigers, was see three swans swimming *two white swans and a black swan (I didn't even think those exist!)*.

Back to my point visiting a zoo can change people, it's one thing hearing about the many types of animals out in the world, but it's better to see them in person even if they are sleeping some of the time, don't do it for entertainment, do it to observe them, it'll save you a ton of money on plane trips. True it's better to see them in their natural habits but I can't say the zoo is better, my only answer, it's somewhere close where I can always observe them without the risks. Hopefully someday these animals can go back home, but for now I guess it's a place, temporary where they'll be safe from hunters. Now yes some natives still hunt animals as tradition and heritage, so all I could say is time can change people, they're not clueless about extinction. There are many natives that know about this issue, the difference between them and the hunters is they know when to stop.

If more people understand the meaning to stop, then maybe the world could find a better place to start. I can't hope cloning would be the only solution to bring back God's wonderful creatures. When they're gone they're gone even if it does become successful. We would be looking for the easy out, but it's better to do the work and let the animals be more natural. Please don't say, 'animals need to f**k more', unlike people animals have self control, they don't need one night stands, they know when it breeding time and they know when the opposite sex is ready without the hassle men and women go through when dating. 

So if you happen to have free time or some time off like a few days away from work or school, and you want to plan something to see, go to 'a zoo'. Bring your family, if you want, say some fun facts you might know or read off the information board, sure it sounds plain but at least when someone asked you where you go or spend your time you can say you'd seen some animals without leaving the country or getting on a plane. Bring your date if you and he or her were talking about taking a trip but not sure where, the zoo has lots of information about the habitats the animals used to live in (true who would go to the wild *unless you want a grand adventure go for it ((no hunting for sport, I put my foot down on that))* it's just the idea of the place that could help inspire where to go as a couple for vacation).

These animals won't last forever, if you love animals don't just say it and go see them. Plan a trip in the woods, carefully planned with a group of people who knows that area well (I can't stress that much I'm saying for safety reasons). Trust me you'll have a fresh memory seeing a beautiful creature (yes that includes some red arse baboon *which I did see and it's incredible*) and if you get kids or already have some you'll have something to bond over and say honestly you saw it in person. Don't just think a zoo is a sad place, but if it is sad looking do something, volunteer or suggest some changes to the zookeepers to make the place better for the animals. Like I said if you want some animals to do some tricks go to circus or watch a billion Youtubs videos of a cat playing the piano and ignore the issue, but as I mentioned before these animals won't wait for you. In the wild or in a zoo these amazing and beautiful creatures won't last forever and might be moved somewhere else where some good people are working their best to make sure these animals or any animal type will not be added to the list. 
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Okay, so what's the deal with Disney and Nick? 

There's a hardly any cartoons and when there were good ones they show just a few episodes in three days and the next the rest of the season is posted online! 

Gravity Fall, Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Harvey Beaks, TMNT ((2012)), and anything that's good they both took down to make room for the new series they're planning which we all know, are going to suck.

My only response that's a good show is Dog with a Blog and Henry Danger that's it.

Nick, stop dragging Spongebob and the Fairy Oddparents, let them rest in piece. Their new seasons are suffering enough! You were known for awesome shows but famous for the most memorable cartoons, like The Wild Thornberrys, Hey Arnold, Rugrats, Rocket Power, and so on from the early 90's. I might be living in the past from them, but I rather watch these shows than watch a family of superheros, a teenage witch, and many runs marathons of the two leftover classic cartoons (Spongebob and Fairy Oddparents) you're holding hostage to attract viewers. **P.S. Watch the Incredibles movie to see a real hero family and Sabrina the teenage witch, to see a show that doesn't need every minute drama zone, plus you get to see a wise cracking cat talk.**

This is the same issue with Disney, no cartoons and everything good left to see on the XD channel. We can't stay up pass midnight to watch it. We google to find a link to watch these good shows. That's why you're losing to the internet cause all your shows are available online and guess what, it's not your website, so boo on you. 

I know venting this online where only a few people might agree it's best not to bitch about it but I'm still saying it's truth. I guess I feel sorry for this generation and the many others who won't be able to enjoy quality cartoons, but the message is clear, bullies are bad, good wins, pretty girls are evil, and friendship always win. These shows just bring a better example in a colorful animated form that everyone young and old can relate quickly. 

I might not be sure if anyone care if they read this journal but I'm speaking from the heart, because these show brought me so much joy I want to give back, by getting them back. Maybe in the future I'll get my wish, but for now I'm just googling online. Well that's all I have to say. 

**Could someone also tell Cartoon Network to stop Teen Titans Go, it's not my favorite show thank you very much, and please put something else on in the time slot. I'll take Adventure Time, Courage the Cowardly Dog, KND, and Regular show than watch that poor excuse of entertainment based off the original Teen Titans show. **
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Forgot to mention LOVE INSIDE OUT, I LOVE JOY!!
Okay, I know I'm way late on this, but I'm going to say it. Crossovers are the worst. 


Ben 10/Generator Rex/ Secret Saturday

The worst by far >>> The Simpsons/Family Guy & KND/Billy and Mandy

Seriously you got two shows and two heroes, you can't make them work out no matter how hard you try. 

Can't either show not try to connect to the same universe? Can't one show be from another world? I can't do crossovers in television. In fanfiction that's the only place where anyone and I mean anyone can make a better crossover than the people who produce these shows. 
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