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Murdoc: Short.

Kim: I'm not short I'm average.

Murdoc: Short.

Kim: I'm not short. 5 feet is the definition of average size.

Murdoc: Still short.

Kim: 2D is taller than you.

Murdoc: Yeah but you're shorter than me. *laughing*

Kim: *growling* I can't help I'm stop growing at this height.

Murdoc: Aw, what's wrong shorty?

Kim: You're only a few inches taller than me.

Murdoc: I'm a man and men aren't short. Shorty!

Kim sighed and went to the kitchen. She look around to find something.

Murdoc: Lost something?

Murdoc walks to the fridge and grabs a beer.

Kim: Murdoc, where are my notes? The ones I keep safe in a box. I need to get the recipe to cook for tonight's dinner.

Murdoc: Did you look up?

Kim look up to see her notes up  high shelf.

Kim: I don't remember putting them there. Do you know who used them?

Murdoc shrugged and continue drinking his beer.

Kim stretch up her arm but only the tips of her fingers could reach the shelf. Even on her toes she couldn't reach far enough.

Kim: Murdoc, this isn't funny!

Murdoc look casually away. Kim knew he was laughing on the inside.

Kim look around for a chair but they mysterious disappeared.

Kim: Murdoc, where are the chairs?

Murdoc: I think Noodle and 2D asked to use them to build a fort or something.

Kim: Murdoc, I need to get dinner started and unless you're willingly to pay for take out grab my notes from the self.

Murdoc: Hm, I don't know. That's not a nice way to get something you need so desperately.

Kim: Murdoc!

Murdoc: Oh, guess you do have something shorter than you.

Kim: *sigh* Murdoc, would you please grab my notes down for me please?

Murdoc smile smugly and grab Kim's notes down. He mockingly patted her head.

Kim: Thank you.

Murdoc: You're welcome down there.

Murdoc walks away with his head held high and got hit with a low board being carried by 2D.

2D: Oops! Sorry Murdoc. I was bringing Kim an extra shelf for the kitchen since she asked for another one lower for her to reach and storage.

Murdoc groan growling on the floor.

Kim: Guess it's being tall has it's downfalls.
Hit and Miss
You never mess with anyone shorter than you. Cause in the universe you're still the smallest one around. Enjoy :D 
Kim: Murdoc what is this?

Murdoc: What's what?

Kim: This, this!

Murdoc: I'm doing what I've always done so I'll appreciate if you shut the door!

Kim: I'm not shutting the door until you get out!

Murdoc: Fine then enjoy the show.

Kim: Get out!

Murdoc: Make me!

Kim: Russel!

Murdoc: *mimic* Russel!

Kim: Real mature, Murdoc.

Murdoc: *high voice* Oh real mature, Murdoc.

Russel: What's going on here?

Kim: Russel would you please tell Murdoc to get out of my room.

Murdoc: I hired her and gave her this upgrade room so it's MY room!

Russel: Murdoc, just leave.

Murdoc: Fine.

Kim: Wait, hand it over.

Murdoc: I don't know what you're talking about.

Kim: Hand it over!

Murdoc waves Kim's diary in front of her.

Murdoc: See? You want it, or better yet me, then you better start running for both.

Murdoc laughed evilly and runs away. Kim chased after him to get her diary back. Russel shook his head in disbelief.

Murdoc: *laughing* I bet this is going to make a really exciting chapter in your diary!

Kim: Get back here!

Murdoc: Speaking of your diary I hope you don't mind but I make a few re-write in it to make it sound more exciting and not to sound hurt but you said a lot of mean and hurtful things about me! *laughing*
Dear Diary, please come back to me!
Script form this time of how my oc Kim is being picked on by Murdoc and it's a low blow reading another's diary *points at Murdoc*. 
Enjoy! :D 
My mind got totally blown, maybe the reason we got sucky cartoons is because everyone is too busy looking in their phones, computers and ipads to notice it. Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! 
Sometimes I wish I can have the good shows from the 90s play again.
Okay, I know I'm way late on this, but I'm going to say it. Crossovers are the worst. 


Ben 10/Generator Rex/ Secret Saturday

The worst by far >>> The Simpsons/Family Guy & KND/Billy and Mandy

Seriously you got two shows and two heroes, you can't make them work out no matter how hard you try. 

Can't either show not try to connect to the same universe? Can't one show be from another world? I can't do crossovers in television. In fanfiction that's the only place where anyone and I mean anyone can make a better crossover than the people who produce these shows. 
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